How do I Access WebDAV Using Cyberduck?

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Unlike Windows and Linux where the default file system supports WebDAV, MacOS' Finder is different on the new OpenShift cloud infrastructure. In order to increase accessibility and general ease of use, we recommend downloading and installing the open-source client Cyberduck. This can be done by accessing Kindly note that Cyberduck is available for both MacOS and Windows. Users who wish to use a graphical user interface may thus prefer Cyberduck. The necessary steps are identical across both platforms.

Please note that this guide assumes any versions later than 8.0.0.

Cyberduck Frontpage


With Cyberduck installed, proceed by opening it and creating a New Bookmark.

Create new bookmark


For the next step, please have your WebDAV password (see this guide for more information) on hand.

Select WebDAV (HTTPS) in the top drop-down menu. If you have not unfolded More Options, do this too.



If, for instance, you wish to connect to's WebDAV, the following fields must be entered:


Username: admin

Password: <randomly_generated_password>

Path: _webdav

If you do not see the Path field, please unfold More Options.

Entered values

Close the settings window.

Double-click on the bookmark you just created to connect.


You now have WebDAV access to your website.

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