Create a Drupal website

The first action you need to do in order to get a Drupal website is to request it. You can create and manage a Drupal website in the webservices of CERN

By filling the required fields and accepting the terms, you create a request in order to get a new Drupal Website. More specifically the options are:

  • Site Category
    • Official Website: An official website is a public website, the one that will be online for the out world.
    • Test Site: A test site can be used to build your website or just test new functionalities/features
  • Site name: the name of your website. For test sites, the names are restricted to have the word "test-" as a prefix
  • Description: A short description of your website. This is used for admin reasons and it won't be publicly visible
  • Profiles: Includes some pre-defined templates when creating a Drupal website
    • Blank Site: A blank Drupal site
    • Easy Start: Pre-existing template to help those unfamiliar with the technology to enter content.
    • Demo Template: A demo of the Landing Page module