Creating Websites

All Drupal websites are created via the Webservices Portal. Anyone with a CERN account can create one.

1. Access and login. Click Create and choose Drupal site.

Webservices Portal

2. Add a name, e.g. my-website, and a description. You cannot change the name later.

Select the Profile - CERN option. This includes everything (i.e. modules and themes) you need to get started.

Reminder We recommend using a dedicated Drupal e-group for each website!

Complete the process by specifying which e-group owns the website.

Create website

3. With all fields completed, agree to the CERN Computing Rules and click Create.

Create website

This will take you to the following confirmation page.

Please do not close the browser before you have seen this screen.

Created website

Congratulations! You have now created your very first Drupal website.

Behind the scenes, your website is being allocated resources and will be accessible within ~10 minutes.

All future communication, e.g. security updates, regarding your website will be sent to the specified e-group.