Display Formats

The CERN Display Formats is a module designed to provide out-of-the box views display formats. A Drupal view display format can be applied to a view in order to be displayed in a specific way. For example as a carousel or an accordion.

Getting Started

This module is placed in the CERN infrastructure so if you own a CERN Drupal website, you have this module installed by default. All you have to do is to navigate to /admin/modules and enable the module. After enabling the module, the display formats will be visible in your views.

The styles of the display formats are stored within the CERN Theme so that consequently means that in order to use the formats, you need to be using the CERN Theme or the CERN Override theme. 

Moreover, as you will notice in the next paragraphs the Display Formats require the usage of specific patterns and as a result the Display Formats module has a dependency on the CERN Components module.

Colors and Settings

The colors of the display formats and components are partially inherited from the CERN Theme and partially set in the Display Formats settings. You can find the Display Formats settings if you visit the configuration settings (/admin/config) and then click on "Display Formats" or if you just visit /admin/config/display-formats/settings. The color settings for each separate format is explained in the description of the formats.

As you will notice, the color settings are repeated so that the theme and the website will be consistent. For example all the cards displayed in your website should have the same color in order to keep a consistency and the reader will not get tired.