Event Grid

Submitted by kplatis on Tue, 03/10/2020 - 16:57
Event Grid

Displays event boxes as a responsive grid of boxes.



In order to create views that use the Event Grid display format:

  1. You need to have a Content Type (ex. Indico Events, Events etc.)
  2. Create a view mode which re-uses the Agenda Box pattern as explained in the Agenda Box documentation.
  3. Create a page or block view and choose Event Grid as Display Format
  4. In "Show" option choose Display Suite: Content and as view mode choose the view mode that you created on step 2 that re-uses the Agenda Box pattern.
  5. Set the pager to "Display a specified number of items" and then display a number that is exactly divided by 3 (6,9,12 etc)
  6. Feel free to re-use any filter criteria, sort criteria, contextual filters and/or any view setting. It won't affect the behaviour of the view.


The colors applied for each one of the event boxes displayed are:

  • Title/Link: Inherits the color BODY: link and BODY: link on hover from the theme color settings.
  • Date: Inherits the color BODY: text from the theme color settings.
  • Subtitle: Inherits the color BODY: text from the theme color settings.
  • ICS Link: Inherits the colors of BUTTONS / PRIMARY: background, BUTTONS / PRIMARY: text, BUTTONS / PRIMARY: background hover, BUTTONS / PRIMARY: text hover from the theme color settings.