Indico Feeds / Events

Getting Started

The CERN Indico Feed and CERN Indico Events packages are available in CERN's Drupal 8 infrastructure.

In order to install them, go to Extend from the administration menu and search for Indico. Select both modules and click install.


After they have successfully been installed, go to StructureFeed types and Edit the Indico Feed.

Note: The CERN Indico Events content type does not include all the fields from Indico. If you want a field that is not included, it should be added manually in the content type and otherwise mapped to the Indico field in the Mapping section of the feed (Structure  Feed types  Edit Indico Feed Mapping tab).

Editing the Indico Feed type

In this page there is a box with three tabs: Settings, Fetcher settings, and Processor settings.



In settings, you can set the import period. The default value is six hours. This means that the system will check for any new events to pull or changes done to already imported events every six hours. Set this value according to your preference.

Fetcher settings

Fetcher settings

In fetcher settings, you need to enter your API and Secret keys. In order to obtain your keys, please see this page.

Once you have your Token and Security key, add them to the API Key and Secret Key fields in Fetcher settings, respectively.

Processor settings

Processor settings

In processor settings, you can set how to update the existing content, what happens with the previously imported items, when the content should expire, and who is the owner of the created items. It is recommended to keep the default values.

Important: Do not forget to click on Save feed type button at the bottom of the page every time you make a change to the settings.

Creating a new Feed

In order to create a new feed and start pulling events from Indico, go to Content and click on the Feeds tab. Click the Add feed button.

Add Indico Feed

In this screen, you need to enter some information for the new feed.


Enter the Title of your feed.


Enter the Indico categories that you need to pull events from. For example if you put the Indico category id 1279 it will pull all the events from the child categories under it. In case that you want only the events of some of its child categories you need to include only their Indico category ids. You can enter as many Indico category ids as you want by seperate them with commas.

Start date

Enter the date that you want to start pulling events from Indico. You can enter a date like 2019-04-01, by specifying an offset like +30d (30 days from today) or using values such as 'today'.

End date

Enter a date to specify the latest events you want to pull from Indico. It accepts the same values as the Start date field.


Leave this field empty.

Retrieve only public events

By default you should have this option checked. Uncheck it only if you want to pull private events from the Indico categories. The private events will be visible only to users who have access to see them and they need to sign into your website first.

Import options

By default this value is checked. If you uncheck it the feed will stop pulling events.

Authoring information

Leave the default values.

After you have entered all the necessary settings click on Save and import button and the feed will start importing events from your categories.

Displaying the Events

You can display your views using Grid of event boxes, Collisions of events , Countdown to next event