Landing page

What is a Landing Page

Landing Page constitutes a content type that provides standalone pages to add in your Drupal site in order to provide a nice way to present and advertise your page and content. Landing Pages consist of building blocks, which can be web components, views or blocks. Regardless their type (component / view / block), all of them are encapsulated in Section wrappers.

The following image shows an example of a rich Landing Page .


How to enable 

In order to enable Landing Page content type, you have to enable the CERN Landing Page module.

How to get started

Landing pages are Drupal nodes. As a result in order to start building a landing page, navigate to Content > Add Content > Landing Page and start building.

In order to better understand the Landing Page and its functionalities, read the following articles in the given order:

  1. Section Wrapper: Explains the role of Sections in the Landing Page.
  2. Web Components collection: Explains the available web components (Hero Header, Boxes, Text Component etc) to use in your Landing Page.
  3. Views and Blocks : Explains how to reference a view or block in a Landing Page.
  4. Boxes and Configuration: Explains how to place boxes inside a section using different configurations.