Available Web Components

Inside each column of a section in a Landing Page, you have the option to add either one or more Web Components and/or one view and/or one block.

The following table presents all the available Web Components along with a short description and some useful usage tips. If you want more information on each component and how they look like, click on the title of the component.

Hero Header

A hero component mostly used as the first component in order to introduce the reader to the topic of your page. You can add multiple frames with different backgrounds and text in order to look like a slideshow.

Featured Banner

Informative component used in order to provide more information regarding a section. Each Featured Banner can have a background image, a link and a box with information.

Image Gallery

A gallery component presenting images either local ones or from CDS. Each image has a download button for different sizes.

Text Component

Adds formatted text in a section in order to write paragraphs.

Featured Quote

Presents a quote along with the name of the person who mentioned it.