How do I Remove or Uninstall a Module?

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In order to remove or uninstall a module, there are a couple of steps to take depending on the state of the module.

Kindly note that while it is possible to uninstall a module and not remove it, we recommend uninstalled modules to be removed.

If a module is required in the future, it is better to re-install it from scratch to ensure the newest version is applied.

A. I wish to remove an installed and enabled module

If your module is currently installed and enabled, but you wish to remove it, please start by disabling it.

1. Head to Extend and search for the module in question, e.g. Webform. Disable it.

2. Click the Uninstall tab and search for your module again. In this case, we proceed with Webform.


Tick the button and click Uninstall.

3. If your module has additional configuration, you need to remove this accordingly.

Please do not proceed unless you wish to remove the module and all associated configurations. This will impact content created using the module!

Scroll to the bottom and tick both boxes.

Remove configurations

Click Uninstall.


Your module has now been uninstalled.

4. Head to Configuration and select Performance.


5. Click Clear all caches.

Clear caches

This clears all caches and ensures your website reflects correctly the module having been uninstalled.

cache cleared

Repeat this process for any additional modules you wish to remove and uninstall.

B. I wish to remove an installed but disabled module

Please refer to the steps outlined in A.

If a module is not actually used (i.e. it is disabled), and it is not otherwise required as a dependency, it is best to remove it entirely.

C. I wish to remove an uninstalled module

In some cases, an uninstalled module may remain in your website's file system.

These are typically caught by tools such as the Upgrade Status report.

In order to remove a module like this, please connect directly via webDAV and remove the module's folder.