List of teasers

Submitted by kplatis on Fri, 09/11/2020 - 14:22

This is a tutorial on how to render content using a list of teasers that include titles, images, tags, strap etc. It is assumed that you have already created a content type in order to render the content.

Part 1) Use the Preview List component to configure how each node will be rendered

Each node is rendered as an expandable item. This is done by mapping the fields of your content type (eg. News) to the fields of the Preview List component.


  1. Visit the Manage Display page of the content type that you want to display (eg. News)
  2. Select a view mode (eg. Teaser) and map the fields of the content type to the ones of the component
  3. Save the form


Tutorial on how to map fields in the Preview List component (Video: CERN)


Part 2) Configure a view to be rendered using the Teaser List display format

After setting up how each node will be set, a view needs to be created in order to gather and display the content items.


  1. Visit the views page
  2. Create a new view
  3. In the view:
    1. Create a display, either page or block, based on your needs
    2. Select Teaser List as format
    3. Select to show Display Suite: Content and as view mode select the one configured in step 1.2
    4. Add any other filter/url/configuration based on your needs


Tutorial video on how to create a teaser view in a CERN Drupal site (Video: CERN)