How do I Update Modules?

Submitted by jyde on Wed, 10/27/2021 - 09:59

This article assumes that you have access to your website's webDAV.

If you are unsure how to connect to your website's webDAV, please refer to this guide on how to access webDAV.

Additionally, while this guide uses webDAV, we recommend experienced users to use oc and the composer directly.

The below screenshot shows an example of a mounted webDAV folder. All CERN websites share this structure.

Start of WebDAV

Navigate to the modules folder.

This folder contains all the modules currently installed on your website.

Kindly note that the names of the folders correspond to the machine names of the modules. Do not change these.

All modules

At this stage, we need a local copy of the module we wish to update.

There are several ways in which this can be obtained; this guide will the two most common: The Extend tab and the Upgrade Status report. If you already happen to have a local copy of the module you wish to update, kindly skip the next two sections.

1. Go through the Extend tab and select Update. On this page, all modules with new(er) releases are listed.

Update modules

2. Click the Release notes link. In this case, we proceed with the config_filter module.

This opens a new tab or window in which the specific release can be downloaded directly. Choose the .zip version.

Download zip

Another way of obtaining the most recent release of a specific module is to use the Upgrade Status report:

1. Access this by heading to Reports and selecting the Upgrade Status report at the bottom.

General overview of reports

2. Scroll to the Update section to identify modules in need of update(s).

In this case, we only have the quick_node_clone module marked as in need of an update.

Click on the version number.

Pending updates in Upgrade Status report

3. This opens a new tab or window in which the specific release can be downloaded directly. Choose the .zip version.

Quick Node Clone

At this stage, we have a copy of the module saved directly on our machine as a .zip file. Unzip the module.

Open the WebDAV window once again and drag-n-drop the folder into the modules folder in your WebDAV window.

Note how in the screenshot below, we are dragging the unzipped folder.

Uploading files


This will prompt a window asking you to confirm the overwrite. Select Continue.

Confirm overwrite

Once the transfer has finished, the module in question has been updated accordingly.

If you are updating modules through the Upgrade Status report, re-scan the module(s) you have updated to verify the update.

Repeat this process for each module in need of an update.